Duo Caldo is an all-round Chamber Music duo, with Rolf van Meurs playing guitars and Lieke Beirnaert singing.

During their study at the conservatory of Tilburg, Rolf and Lieke met and found out that they shared their love for music and the way to perform this music. They want to share their love for music with you.

The Duo mostly performs mostly the more light classical repertoire such as Spanish, French and Portuguese (fado) folk songs. And it is always possible to ask for a song in advance so they can make a suitable arrangement for you. The Duo thinks it’s important for the public to understand the music and text of the songs, so (if possible) they will tell you the stories of the music they are performing.

Duo Caldo is suitable in many occasions such as an intimate chamber concert or background music at an opening or reception. There are plenty of possibilities!

If you want to book Duo Caldo, you can contact Rolf or Lieke.
If you have a special request, you can always ask about our possibilities.
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